Colonial Rule

Imagine you’re the leader of a West-African coastal town in the late 19th century.

For a few years already, European powers are pushing into the town by promising investment and an increase of commerce. But the more power they gain the more aggressive their demands get. 

What do you do?

Colonial Rule is a free strategy browser-game, where players take control of the administration of a town. They will have to manage the citizens demands on one hand and make sure to keep the influence of the European imperialists at bay on the other hand.

The game will attempt to provide a simplified introduction into the system of colonial rule by subverting the typical rules of the city builder genre.

The project is a collaboration project between Achtung Autobahn Studios and Jiwe Studios, based in Nairobi, Kenya.  

While the game will not depict a specific place, like Nairobi for instance, our research for the creation of the game focuses on the times following the Congo conference in Berlin, 1884-85. The current concept also draws partially from the life Rudolf Duala Manga Bell in Cameroon, West Africa.

What are we looking for?


  • We are looking for institutions that are interested in helping us bring the game to life and finding an audience. We are also interested and open to work alongside existing projects which similar topics which Colonial Rule could be complementary too.
  • We are looking for more partners that focus on Games for Good that can amplify our message.